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A Challenging Client Critique of Collaborative Costs

by Michael Tobriner on November 13, 2013

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I’ve encountered this scenario, and so have you, too many times:

At an initial meeting I’ve tried to describe the various CDR methods – collaborative, mediation without lawyers, mediation with lawyers, integrative mediation, and so on. My potential client seizes on collaboration and says, “but that involves so many professionals, it must be way more expensive. Aren’t the other methods cheaper?” I acknowledge that collaboration involves usually four, and often five or six, professionals, and that they all have to be paid. I point out the advantages of collaboration and gently suggest that in the long run it can be cost-effective. The client is often not convinced.

So, friends, we are getting a bad rep. People think, rightly or wrongly, that collaboration is “too expensive”.
What should we do?

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