A Family Law Practice Devoted
to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Role of Mediator

by Michael Tobriner

What Is the Role of the Mediator?

The mediator guides the parties through the mediation process. The mediator:

  • Helps the parties identify and express their long-term goals
  • Works with the parties to put together documents and information
  • Assists the parties in choosing neutral experts, such as property appraisers, business valuation specialists, and retirement plan experts
  • Helps the parties identify issues and interests
  • Guides the parties through the brainstorming process
  • Facilitates the parties’ negotiation of an agreement
  • Prepares the parties’ written settlement contract
  • Assists the parties in navigating the legal system
  • Insures that the negotiating environment is respectful and amicable
  • Insures that both parties assert their interests
  • If the parties request, provides legal background and analysis